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Published on October 23rd, 2015 | by divinny


Line get rich : How to get Melody JKT48 S+ card

There are many ways to get Melody JKT48 S+ card

Melody S+ how to

  • First one and the easiest one you have the chance get A+ Melody JKT48 from any A cards combination, then fixed combine the max A+ card Melody JKT48 with any A+ card.
  • You can also get Melody S+ from S+ guarantee card park, PCP +30, PCP +10 and PCP +5
  • Can also get Melody A+ from A+ guarantee card pack, PCP +30, PCP +10 and PCP +5, then you can combine the A+ Melody with any A+ card to get S+ Melody JKT48

Melody Ability

S+ Melody JKT48 is one of the best card/character available in the game, it has 2 nice abilities which is very useful in the game :

  • Change 18% when landing on opponent’s city, exempt toll and go world travel.
  • When faced with opponent, taking 15% of opponent’s marble.

The main ability is the first best ability in the game where players don’t have to pay for toll when landing on opponent’s city, then go world travel.


In terms of skills Melody is also one of the best card available up to date, with total skill 437 Melody S+ is still top 10 best card in the game.

Here is the video of How to get Melody JKT48 S+ card :

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