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Clash of Clans PC download gratis (Windows 7,8)

Clash of Clans is a popular strategy game from Finnish developer Supercell, released in August 2012 until today users Clash of clans had already reached millions. Systems play this game uses real-time strategy where players build their villas and in multiplayer modes players dapet meet with players from different countries and attacked their villa. Clash of Clans promises a very exciting game!

Download and Install Clash of Clans on PC

One of the famous emulator for Android that Bluestack required to run this cool game on the computer. Bluestack is one program that is often used, because of the way its easy usage. If you use a compatible version of Windows, especially Windows to date, the Clash of Clans will be successful installed and you can play smoothly.

Also make sure you have a hardware PC VGA graphics good so BlueStacks can run without problems, and of course you need a good internet connection to download the emulator her. By ensuring all of this, the installation process will take place smoothly.

There are two ways to download Clash of Clans to the PC. Both are very easy depending on which way you think is easier.

First way

Download the .apk file for this game, and open this file to begin the installation process. You can open using android emulator and install process will run automatically.

Second way

This is the easiest way for you the first time you download the game. All you need is an internet connection and the android emulator like Bluestacks, then search Clash of clans in the search box. Click the install button and select the icon Clash of clans in his following page.

Having a Google account is a necessity in the process of downloading and installing, file Clash of Clans around 49MB. Once you click on its icon, the game will start downloading.

clash of clans download

Once the download is complete, the installation process is automatically started on your PC. After the installation is complete back to the BlueStacks program and be prepared to play this strategy game. BlueStacks Desktop, click on the icon Clash of Clans to immediately play and fight against other players.


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