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Clash of Clans : How to use Lavaloon strategy to 3 stars TH 10 base

The most important 1st step

Always drop heroes to destroy AD (Air Defense), wipe CC and kill Queen, the rest are easy with Lava and Loons. There are 2 ways to wipe the CC, either use the Lighting spell or lure them when you can reach the CC and kill with your troops.
Troops Composition:

(In some case you will need wall breakers to reach the Heroes or AD)
2 Barbarians
2 Archers
20 Loons
4 Wizards
2 Golems ( 1 CC)
3 Lava

Spells : 1 x Lighting 2x Rages 2x Freeze

Here is a video of how to execute them perfectly :

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